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Elena is haunted by hallucinations of Connor who test to generate her to suicide as section of the Hunter’s Curse, a failsafe to assure that whatsoever vampire kills a member of the Five dies with them. Alexia «Lexi» Branson was a vampire and Stefan’s very best pal and companion. This is just not the very best time to ask him about it. He failed to make any slip-ups,’ Vincent Cannistrano, the former CIA director of counterintelligence, explained to ABC News at the time. May I make a recommendation? Patients could not be frequented after 6 o’clock. These could involve photos, utility expenses, mail, and anything else that may possibly have your real name and property deal with on them. You may possibly have a probability of obtaining work in this article. ▲ reserve(s), perform(s) La obra de Cervantes es universalmente admirada. Pongámonos a la obra. ° obrar en poder de to be in the possession of, be in one’s fingers La carta obra en mi poder.

° poner reparo(s) to make objection(s) ¿Puso algún reparo a aquella carta? Aquella frase originó una discusión. ▲ to dwell in Ocupó una habitación en el piso tercero. The forces withdrew. ▲ to retire Se ha retirado de los negocios. ▲ dispute Hubo un pleito entre los estudiantes. He’s very persevering. ▲ stubborn La resistencia fué tenaz. La cantante fué acompañada por un órgano. ° de ordinario typically De ordinario viene por la mañana. ° por donde where ever Por donde voy lo encuentro. Si no tiene ocupación mañana, venga por aquí. ▲ patron, sponsor Tiene muy buenos padrinos. ▲ in a tie, in a useless warmth Los caballos llegaban a la par. ° en punto a in regard to En punto a los precios que Ud. Más vale pájaro en mano que ciento volando. Tenía un palo en la mano. I have not gained any get (s) from my superiors. Everything was in order. Play a piece on the piano. ° de oído by ear Tocaba el piano de oído. ° tener buen oído to have a fantastic ear (for audio) to have great hearing. Get a superior seat. I’m heading to the optometrist to get eyeglasses.

Do you know how to get to that location? I know this location like the palm of my hand. It’s ca 30 many years right after the to start with video game (in all probability, we know it’s 30 decades immediately after one thing, we have all just assumed they’re speaking about the initially 1). ° dejarle a uno plantado to leave one in the lurch, go away 1 superior and dry to stand a person up. My first practical experience then I saw dwell sexual intercourse clearly show on a single of the web-sites we detailed below for the to start with time — I experienced blended inner thoughts. ° ratos de ocio spare time Lo haré en mis ratos de ocio. ° a tiempo on time Llegué a tiempo. The exact applies to the cam environment. They belong to the identical celebration. ° señalar con el dedo to place (with the finger). The place of a backlight is to add an additional dimension to your scene. ° (el) uno a(l) otro just about every other Se miraron (el) uno a(l) otro con sorpresa.

Vestía con mucha sencillez. Los palos están en flor. Los panecillos están muy tiernos. Le duelen los oídos. El médico le examinó los ojos. ° en un abrir y cerrar de ojos in the twinkling of an eye. They gave him a black eye. He gave his term of honor. They gave us mashed potatoes. He certain himself to fork out it. Sooner or afterwards you can pay out for it. Pay consideration to this ! Markos, portrayed by Raffi Barsoumian in season 5, is the chief of the Travelers, who will come back from the useless. Rose and Elena are rescued by Stefan and Damon who seemingly destroy Elijah, but Rose warns them that the relaxation of the Originals will be coming quickly. Terrified of what she could do to her family, Jo requests that her daughters siphon off the Necromancer’s magic even while she is familiar with that it will possible destroy her once again. She goes by means of with their strategy to help you save Mystic Falls and eliminate Katherine. Once Stefan found Katherine was a vampire, Stefan was both equally worried and repulsed by Katherine and vampirism in common. Ultimately, Bonnie drops the Veil for Silas, but she uses dim magic to change him to stone and Stefan attempts to fall Silas into a quarry following Bonnie raises the Veil after again.

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